Sometimes I Blog

I'm Ian Rees, i'm going to attempt to document my life. I like hockey, I have a beautiful girlfriend named Carrie and a amazing dog named Rosie; these are the 3 things I will most likely blog about the most.

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks, I have been very busy with freelance work among other things. First the new website for Hippy Tree was launched recently & I am currently in the middle of doing projects for Watermans in Hermosa Beach and Boars Cross’n in Carlsbad.

A couple weekends ago Carrie and myself had a nice date night at home, I made turkey spaghetti and we had a few glasses of wine (note: if you don’t know much about wine and ask for suggestions at Bevmo, make sure to say not sparkling wine, haha). We also watched a few movies; Couples Retreat (meh, so so) & Zombieland (awesome!).


This past weekend I headed up to the South Bay, on Friday Carrie & myself went and saw Shutter Island which was a very good movie but WAAAAYYYY different than we were both expecting. On Saturday we hung out with Matt & Amy, they were kind enough to cook us dinner (some very good tri-tip with a awesome green sauce that I need to get the recipe for) and then Matt & myself became Carries guinea pigs for her new found interest in becoming a face painter :) Later in the evening we proceeded to do a 150 piece puzzle, party animals I know haha.


It’s been a good start to 2010 and it’s only going to get better :) I leave you with a pic of a sunset in Oceanside i took while walking my dog on the beach last week.